Commander Frease called the Executive Meeting of Wayne E. Marchand Post OK28, Department of the Philippines, to order at 1800 hours in the Post Home

             ROLL CALL:

              The following Post Officers were absent from the meeting and were excused by Commander Frease: Executive committeeman Boggs.



              The minutes of the 17 September 2020 Executive Committee meeting were available for review and there being no

      additions, deletions or corrections, they stood as read.

      Note: There were no membership meetings held during the months of March through September due to the COVID-19

      restrictions and therefore there are no Membership Meeting minutes available for review.

             MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: 1st Vice Occomy reported the following:

              The total for Membership Year 2021 is 170, broken down as follows:         PUFL - 74; NEW - 21; RE-NEW - 75 TRANSFER-IN – 0

             HOUSE COMMITTEE: 2nd Vice Tafoya reported the following:

             (1) The pilot light on the stove is still out; gas is turned off. COA1 will be to find a repairer and COA2 will be to get a quote for a new stove.  Still                

             pending    contact with repair POC.  

             FINANCE COMMITTEE: Comrade O’Brien reported the following: 

             The Financial statements were available for review.

             POST SERVICES OFFICER: Comrade Kozlesky reported the following:

             (1) Pappy Links remains in the Rest Home (Senaha/Yomiton). Visitation is restricted to family members only due to COVID-19; however, have spoken to         him via phone.

             (2) Kelly Anderson still experiencing leg pain and needs a wheelchair for mobility.  He has a friend that provides support for food and medicine runs.

             (3) Howard Schell is still using a wheelchair and crutches; Leg cast has been removed. He is undergoing Dialysis twice a week (Wednesday and

             Saturdays). No assistance needed at the present time; Spouse and City Office are providing support when warranted/requested.

             (4) Provided support to six veterans in processing their VA claims and two appeals.

             (5) Maintaining contact with Deceased member SgtMaj Gorczewski’s spouse (Hiroko) and assisting Social Security entitlements.

             (6) Spent 4-hours assisting the family of deceased member SSGT Charlie Hedges (Retired AF) who passed away on 22 September.

             (7) Had telephone contact with Ben Garcia (Retired activities officer) Camp Foster.  He is recovering in an off base hospital.

             (8) Flu shots are available on Kadena from 20-22 and 26-30 October (0730-1630) at the Risner Fitness Center Basketball Court (building 109).                      Note: Shingles shots are available for those 65 years old or older.

             (9) Ordered and received eight name plates for our deceased comrades.

             HISTORIAN/CHILDREN/YOUTH: Comrade Kwong reported the following:

             (1) Talked with the AmerAsian School POC. They are still considering a small Christmas Party (Gifts and Santa visit only) due to restrictions the       regarding COVID-19. The Date, time, and location are still pending. 

             (2) The Scouts participated in the Fall Camporee at JWTC.  Scouts were able to repel, fire rifles, conduct jungle survival training, first aid, and pioneering.

             (3) Troops and Crew are doing their re-charter for 2021.  Comrade Kwong submitted a budget report for executive committee review and made a              motion that Legion pay $1550 to help support the 20 scouts and the re-charter fees. Comrade Mooney seconded and the motion was accepted by            unanimous vote.  Fees to be paid by end of November 2020.   

             BUILDING AND GROUNDS: Comrade Tafoya reported the following:

             (1) The lights in the front of the building will be replaced with LED lighting.  Comrade Tafoya motioned that Legion pay Yen 14900 which was       seconded  by Comrade O’Brien; received a unanimous vote. 

             UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Commander Frease reported the following:

             (1) Phase 2 is still pending. Legion is paying 40% of the total cost of Y664,400. No additional changes to report.

             NEW BUSINESS AND CORRESPONDENCE: Nothing to report.

             GOOD OF THE AMERICAN LEGION: Commander Frease reported the following:

             (1) Clean-up of the International Cemetery will take place on Sunday, 25 October 2020; pending any changes to the COVID-19 restrictions.

             If anyone would like to participate, please meet in the parking lot by 0900 hours.

             (2) The 22 October membership meeting may be held in the Camp Foster Community Center if current HPCON conditions do not allow for

             off-base gatherings.  More information is forthcoming.

       Since no further business came before this Committee, Commander Frease adjourned the meeting at 1827 hours. The next   Executive Committee Meeting will be 1800 hours on 19 November 2020 in accordance with the Post Constitution and and        By-Laws.


              Prepared By:                              Approved By:

  L.T. Occomy                               M. Frease