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VA Rep Point of Contact Information and Links for the Post Service Page

The VA Rep for Okinawa is Alexander Dickinson.  He can be reached at 645-3508 or if calling off base at 970-3508 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  On Thursday and Friday, he can be reached at 634-3366 or if calling off base at

961-3366.  The VA rep email address is Varep@okinawa.usmc-mccs.org



Changing my representative organization while my claim is in process:  Access this link to obtain more details: http://www.legion.org/serviceofficers/216783/ask-service-officer-new-representation

How to calculate compensation rates?  Access this link for more information: http://www.legion.org/serviceofficers/216404/ask-service-officer-calculate-compensation-rates

Access this link to find out what you have to do when you missed your compensation, pension exam: http://www.legion.org/serviceofficers/215865/ask-service-officer-missed-compensation-pension-exam

Find out about spouse compensation:  Access this link to obtain the details:  http://www.legion.org/serviceofficers/215085/ask-service-officer-spouse-compensation

Access this link to determine if you have a claim for Agent Orange: http://www.legion.org/serviceofficers/214510/ask-service-officer-agent-orange-exposure

VA Healthcare Priority Groups:  http://www.legion.org/serviceofficers/214195/ask-service-officer-va-priority-groups

Best claim to file after service:  http://www.legion.org/serviceofficers/213380/ask-so-best-claim-file-after-service

What are VA pension facts, farces, and pitfalls?  http://www.legion.org/serviceofficers/212588/ask-so-what-are-va-pension-facts-farces-and-pitfalls

Why is my claim taking so long?  http://www.legion.org/serviceofficers/212585/ask-so-why-my-claim-taking-so-long