Wayne E. Marchand







Commander Occomy called the Executive Committee Meeting of Wayne E. Marchand Post OK28, Department of the Philippines, to order at 1800 hours in the Post Home. 

 ROLL CALL: Legionnaire Linker reported the following:

 The following Post Officers were absent from the meeting and were excused by Commander Occomy: Chaplain Laman






The minutes of the 1 February Special Executive Committee Meeting and 22 February Membership Meeting were available for review and there being no additions, deletions, or corrections, they stood as read.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Legionnaire Linker reported the following:


The total Membership for 2024 is 340, broken down as follows: PUFL - 81; NEW – 77; RE-NEW – 178; TRANSFER-IN – 4




FINANCE COMMITTEE: Legionnaire O’Brien reported the following: 

The Financial statements were available for review.


POST SERVICES OFFICER: Legionnaire Kwong reported the following:

Assisted (1) Service Member & (1) Veterans on submitting VA disability claims and reviewing claim decision letters. Total time (2) hours.

Assisted (1) widowed veteran spouse on VA death benefits and how to get a DD214. Total time (1) hour.

Visited (1) Veteran in need at the Tokushukai Hospital. Total time (1) hour.

VA Information

If you are 180 days to 90 days from separating or retiring. You can apply for the VA Benefits Delivery at pre-Discharge program (BDD). Contact the Service Office for any assistance.

If you have already been rated with a service-connected disability and you live overseas or just traveling. You can apply to the VA Foreign Medical Program (FMP).

Veterans exposed to toxins and other hazards during service are now eligible for VA health care.




BUILDING AND GROUNDS: Legionnaire Nicholson reported the following:

 The overhang at the bottom of the stairs located near the insurance office has been fixed.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Commander Occomy reported the following:


A vendor has conducted a survey of the remaining Canteen upgrades. I have since been provided some quotes and will share with the Executive team at an upcoming meeting. I will likely recommend that we prioritize the remaining projects based on our budget. The following items are still pending, an Executive Conference Table, improved display cabinet for sale items to include a trophy stand, Executive photo/info board, new picture frames, new Canteen podium and a portable podium with the American Legion logo/emblem for events, improved American Legion Flag Base (Stain), and kitchen cleaning/renovation.


The Ernie Pyle Memorial has been changed to the 20th of April. The change is due to the Ie Shima Marathon taking place the previous weekend. The bus will depart from the Legion parking lot at 0645 and return at approximately 1630. The sign-up sheet for the bus is in the canteen behind the bar. Food and beverages will be available on Ie Shime after the ceremony.


The following items are still pending or confirmed.

Flowers (4) will be ordered for the Legion, Boy Scouts, Detachment, Guest Speaker.
Canopy (a 7x7 for podium, and 3 large for guests).
Chairs (50)
Food (Catered pending potential attendees)
Guest Speaker (Col Ned C. Holt, 10th RSG) - Confirmed
Chaplain (10th RSG) - Confirmed
Bugler (III MEF or Music)

CLB 31 (Comrade Abbott) arranged to do a series of “COMRELs” to clean the walls surrounding the Tomari cemetery. The first event took place on 6 March consisting of a group of 18 volunteers that managed to clean about a third of the wall. The project is currently on hold due to the current water shortage in Okinawa.


NEW BUSINESS AND CORRESPONDENCE: Commander Occomy reported the following:

Emergency contact: Due to a recent issue involving the local fire department being called, we need to have three POC’s that can be called to open the Legion. Miko-san (Legion Secretary) and Commander Occomy will be two and Commander Occomy will reach out to the Legion Janitor or Junko at AIU insurance company to be the third due to their ability to open Mon-Fri during the day.


GOOD OF THE AMERICAN LEGION: Commander Occomy reported the following:

The Tomari International Cemetery clean-up is scheduled for 7 April. The change is being made due to the 31st being Easter. If anyone would like to participate, please meet at the cemetery no later than 0900 hours.

Since no further business came before this Committee, Commander Occomy adjourned the meeting at 1827 hours. The next Executive Meeting will be held at 1800 hours on 18 April in accordance with the Post Constitution and By-Laws.




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